If your building was constructed pre-1990 it is highly likely to contain asbestos in some form.

How we can help

Advanced Environmental Services is experienced in working across all types of commercial and industrial settings providing consultancy, project management and decontamination. Carrying $10m public liability insurance we are committed to working in partnership with other contractors, government departments and other industry professionals to provide the best solution for your project.

We are reputed for safeguarding businesses in meeting their responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) and Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016. These new regulations have a significant impact on everyone, including people in control of a workplace and those who undertake any work involving asbestos. Fines of up to $40,000 are now imposed for failure to test a substance for asbestos prior to work commencing.

The removal of asbestos in any form is classified as Restricted and Notifiable Work. Employers are required to notify Worksafe NZ and employ approved contractors in environmental services work.


Non-friable asbestos is asbestos that under ordinary circumstances cannot be easily crumbled. These are generally materials where the asbestos fibres are bonded using a cement, bituminous or resin matrix.

Any disturbance of non-friable asbestos will cause the material to become friable. If there is any doubt, you should treat the asbestos as friable.


If you suspect you may have friable asbestos product in or around your home or workplace, call Advanced Environmental Services immediately. If in doubt, we will safely extract a sample and send it to an independent laboratory for analysis.