Commercial Asbestos Management

Commercial asbestos management is crucial for businesses and property owners to assess and safely manage asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) within their facilities. The complex nature of identifying and managing ACMs calls for the help of accredited asbestos professionals who are experts in asbestos management.

Our trained professionals can conduct asbestos inspections and manage asbestos in commercial settings. We are familiar with the strict regulations and guidelines, ensuring that procedures are followed correctly and minimising the risk of exposure to workers and building occupants.

Who is Responsible for Asbestos in Commercial Properties?

Property owners, landlords, contractors, and managing agents responsible for maintenance and repair obligations also hold the responsibility of managing asbestos-related issues. However, this does not mean they must manage or remove the asbestos themselves. If you are a duty holder, you only need to:

  • Pinpoint the presence of asbestos.
  • Call accredited asbestos professionals for a risk assessment.
  • Put a plan into place.
  • Keep records up-to-date.

Steps Involved in Commercial Asbestos Management

Managing asbestos-containing materials is a serious undertaking that should be left to professionals. Asbestos is dangerous to one’s health when fibres are released into the air and inhaled. At AES, we take every measure to ensure asbestos in commercial buildings is contained and effectively managed.

Asbestos Survey
AES conducts a comprehensive survey to identify the presence of ACMs in a commercial building. We take samples for laboratory analysis to confirm the presence of asbestos.

Asbestos Register
An asbestos register is a document detailing the location, condition, and type of ACMs found in the facility. It serves as a reference for building occupants and contractors.

Management Plan
A management plan outlines the strategies and procedures we recommend property owners take to control and minimise asbestos-related risks. This plan may include regular monitoring, maintenance, and removal of the ACMs when necessary.

Control Measures
When the ACMs are in good condition and not likely to be disturbed, the focus is on implementing control measures to prevent fibre release. These measures may involve encapsulation, sealing, or enclosing ACMs to contain them.

Safe Work Practices
If maintenance or renovation work that may disturb ACMs is planned, strict procedures must be followed to ensure safe handling, removal, and disposal. Proper personal protective equipment (PPE), containment, and air monitoring are crucial during such activities.

Training & Awareness
All employees, contractors, and building occupants should receive appropriate training and information about the risks associated with asbestos, how to identify ACMs, and the proper procedures to follow.

Documentation and Record-Keeping
Accurate records of asbestos surveys, inspections, risk assessments, maintenance activities, and any removal or remediation work should be maintained for regulatory compliance and future reference.


Call AES For Expert Commercial Asbestos Management

If you suspect asbestos in your commercial property, take a proactive approach and call AES today. We can help you identify, manage, and remove ACMs to ensure the safety of your staff, tenants, and customers.