Contaminated Soil

Contaminated Soil Removal
and Remediation

Advanced Environmental Services provides a broad range of industry solutions in the remediation of contaminated soil on all commercial and industrial site’s. With an in-depth health and safety procedure, portable decontamination unit and heavy equipment our teams are fully prepared to deal with all contaminated soils to the highest industry standard’s.

How we can help

Our areas of expertise are in:

  • Water retention area’s for general run-off and waste water run off as the site requires.
  • Dust control & silt control
  • Full wash down facilities for trucks and machinery
  • Correct decontamination facilities for men
  • Truck lining station’s
  • Total Site management
  • All health and safety requirements
  • Arranging certified dumping
  • Arranging air monitoring and clearance certificates
  • Arranging soil sampling and
  • Easy, cost effective pricing

We consult with your environmental consultant to make it a smooth and safe process for all parties.

We are the industry leading expert’s in the decontamination of sites:

  • Engaged in chemical manufacture, application and bulk storage
  • Engaged in electrical and electronic works, power generation and transmission
  • Engaged in metal and/or mineral extraction, refining and reprocessing,
  • Involved with vehicle refueling
  • Involved with waste recycling, treatment and disposal
  • Where land that has been subject to the migration of hazardous substances
  • Where hydrocarbon contamination, arsenic and other heavy metals affect land used in the horticulture sector
  • Where asbestos has become friable and created contaminated soils
  • Where asbestos piping has broken down
  • Where broken asbestos pieces are found (sparrow pick technique);
  • Any other land that has been subject to the intentional or accidental release of a hazardous substance in sufficient quantity that it could be a risk to human health or the environment