Residential Asbestos Removal and Demolition Services

Residential Asbestos Removal

When it comes to asbestos in your home and  the safety of your family, please do not take unnecessary risks. You may never have had a car crash, but it’s likely that you make sure that your children are strapped in before you travel. The same applies to the presence of asbestos in your home. If it’s found, it’s a risk, do not attempt to remove yourself. Call us today for further information.

It can be present in soil from careless past renovations of historical contamination from leaching on your site.

We carry out soil testing and remediation works. Where soil contamination is suspected. we will arrange the testing and if found positive, agree a plan with you to remediate.

Asbestos can be found in wall linings, textured ceilings, in  coatings, cladding, super six roofs, guttering and soffits. and many other locations in your home.

We remove asbestos from your home safely, and will ensure that we protect the health of you and your family – the elimination of risk is our specialty.

Our team at Advanced Environmental Services are experts in safely removing asbestos from all types of residential housing. We safely remove it for renovations, refurbishments, demolition or continued maintenance.

Residential Services

Residential Contaminated Soil

Contaminated soil on a residential property is a serious issue. Whether it’s contaminated by asbestos, chemicals, hazardous materials, or anything else. Having contaminated land is dangerous for everyone involved.

If you know or suspect that your soil may be contaminated by anything, then it’s time to call us at Advanced Environmental Services to remedy the issue properly. We will begin by having the soil tested by an independent party, and if it is contaminated, then we have the expertise and equipment, to make sure that your asbestos soil contamination issue is resolved thoroughly, and quickly.

Learn more about our residential soil remediation now.

Residential Asbestos Removal

Asbestos was used in many residential homes for various applications until the year 2000. The general perception is its just in stippled ceilings, but old vinyl in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry’s and garages also contain high concentrations of asbestos,  AIB (asbestos insulation board) is a dangerous material because its easy to damage, it was also used around fireplaces and the list goes on. the wise thing to do if you suspect that you have found ACM (Asbestos containing materials) in your home is, get these areas tested immediately.

We will remove ACM (asbestos containing material) from your home – safely and effectively, our primary concern is your wellbeing.  Environmental Services make the removal as straight forward and easy as possible. Once it has been removed you will get a clearance certificate informing everyone that you have removed asbestos from your home, and complied with the ACOP  that govern all asbestos removals.

Complete your research and contact a licensed asbestos surveyor/assessor to undertake a survey of the building before you commence works, or ring us for details of preferred licensed assessors on 0800 770 182

Prevention is always better than cure. take action now!

Residential Demolition and Deconstruction

Our team at Advanced Environmental Services, has the demolition and deconstruction expertise to get your residential project completed in an agreed  timeframe, and on budget. Whether it’s a large or small our staff have the knowledge and experience to make sure works run smoothly, and completed to the highest industry standards.

If the job involves asbestos materials (ACM) it’s crucial that they are handled by our experienced teams – We have all the specialist equipment,  processes, and proven techniques to make sure that any asbestos, deconstruction or renovation is handled safely, and disposed of in a timely way. (Please be aware that attempting to do this yourself can cause serious harm to your health and could incur heavy fines) 

If there’s no asbestos, that just makes it even easier for our deconstruction or demolition team to achieve impressive results.

If you require further information or help please call us immediately on Call us today on 0800 110182