Commercial Asbestos Removal and Demolition Services

Commercial and Industrial Asbestos Removal

If your building was constructed prior to 2000, you are legally required to have an Asbestos Survey. Following the changes to New Zealand regulations in 2016, the number of surveyors in the country has increased considerably. However, not all surveyors are up to standard for in-depth commercial maintenance surveys or demolition/refurbishment surveys.

Advanced Environmental Services can help you navigate these tricky waters to ensure you comply with the highest NZ standards possible, whilst keeping your staff and your most valuable assets safe. We do not conduct any form of surveys ourselves, as we feel the surveying/assessment and removal should be completely independent of one another. What we can do, is recommend highly experienced and reputable surveyors to help with your requirements.

We will make sure your job does not blow the budget,  have your assessor scope the project prior to removal contractors pricing. This will ensure you get a apples for apples quote whilst keeping the standards where they should be.

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Commercial Soil Contamination

Contaminated soil in a commercial setting is not to be taken lightly – whether it’s because of hazardous chemicals used in the workplace, heavy metals, or asbestos lingering from a past development – do not leave the issue unattended as it’s likely that you will run into dangerous health and safety issues later on.

Advanced Asbestos Services make sure that any contaminated soil remediation is dealt with by our highly trained specialist teams. The teams here at Advanced Environmental Services will get the work completed to a high standard, and get your soil back to normal.

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Commercial Asbestos Removal

Because asbestos was widely used up until as recently as the year 2000 asbestos construction materials are still present in a vast majority of commercial buildings. Asbestos lagged pipes, Asbestos insulation board (AIB), Flock and Limpet along with other applications are common across the commercial sector. Make sure you and the organization you work for remain safe and legal as the PCBU.

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Instead of living day to day surrounded by these toxic materials, our team at Advanced Environmental Services can help you with the safe removal of asbestos materials from your commercial environment.

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Commercial Demolition and Deconstruction

Whether you need a building deconstructed, or completely demolished, here at Advanced Environmental Services, our expertise extends into all areas of commercial demolition. Not just asbestos removal, our fleet is equipped to deal with demolition operations large and small, we specialise in challenging sites, and complex works, having provided solutions on many large removal projects.

Our inhouse demolition Project Managers, and Site Supervisors have carried out some of the largest and complex jobs across the country from Taipa – Christchurch and everywhere in-between.

Whether chemicals need to be contained, vibration or noise needs to be kept to a minimum, or any other strict constraint needs to be adhered to, we are absolutely confident we have  the best-qualified teams to undertake your commercial demolition or deconstruction needs.

If it’s a straight forward job, all the better. Our truck and excavator fleet will make easy work of the task.

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