Residential Asbestos Disposal

Residential asbestos disposal requires careful handling to ensure the safety of individuals and the environment; do not attempt to remove and dispose of asbestos on your own. Trust the professionals at AES for effective and compliant removal. To book a service, contact us today.

Why Call AES for Asbestos Removal?

Engaging professionals for residential asbestos removal is critical for a multitude of reasons:

Minimise Health Risks

Improper handling of asbestos can release hazardous fibres into the atmosphere, posing severe health risks. Prolonged exposure can lead to serious respiratory issues.

Asbestos disposal should be carried out by licensed professionals with proper training. The professionals at AES are equipped with the right tools and protective gear to handle and remove asbestos safely. We follow strict safety regulations and protocols to ensure that asbestos is removed without causing harm to you, the environment, or the wider community.

Legal Compliance

At AES, we are well-versed in the relevant NZ laws and regulations for asbestos removal, and our procedures comply with all local and national standards. This not only safeguards you from legal liabilities but also ensures that the asbestos removal is conducted in a manner that is safe and compliant with the law.

Comprehensive Service

Our comprehensive service covers all aspects of residential asbestos disposal. We manage the entire process, from initial inspection and testing to the final disposal of asbestos materials. This comprehensive approach ensures that every step is handled professionally and in accordance with the highest standards.

Environmental Protection

At AES, we aim to provide a service that exceeds environmental protection standards. Our safe disposal methods prevent the release of asbestos fibres into the environment, safeguarding the immediate surroundings and the broader ecosystem. By choosing AES for your asbestos removal needs, you are not only ensuring the safety of your property but also contributing to the preservation of the environment for future generations.

Maintain a Safe and Asbestos-Free Environment with AES

Protect your family and investment by opting for professional residential asbestos disposal services. AES ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations, providing peace of mind and legal protection. We ensure efficiency and timely completion while minimising disruption to your daily life. Call us today to secure a safe and asbestos-free living environment.