Residential Asbestos Removal

Asbestos in your home

If your home was built prior to the year 2000, then it’s highly likely that there is asbestos (ACM) asbestos containing material product hiding from plain view. It may be non-friable asbestos – held together by concrete or resin. Or it could even be friable asbestos – highly delicate and ready to release asbestos fibres at the slightest disturbance.

Either way, none of these asbestos products add value to your home in a way that outweighs the risk to you and your families health and wellbeing. So, if you suspect or detect an unknown substance then, get it tested,  It is essential that you get rid of ACM in your home.

If your home has ACM then be aware that children and animals that visit or play are at risk,  dont be tempted to remove asbestos yourself, it’s vital  that you don’t accidentally cross paths with an asbestos product. It’s essential for your protection  that you call us if you suspect asbestos in your home 0800 110 182

What we can do for you

With considerable experience and commercial expertise, Advanced Environmental Services has removed thousands of ACM products from residential homes in NZ

Our primary concern is your safety and to make sure that your  property has all asbestos removed, spaces cleaned properly, and a clearance certificate issued on completion of each job.

We emphatically state that we do not  cut corners, dangerous lingering debris, or unsafe practices. regarding asbestos removal  is frowned upon by our company. We have built and maintained our reputation on doing it right from the outset, it is paramount. that we complete each and every job with the exact set of principles and standards that have been our mantra from when we started this business.

We thoroughly enjoy working on residential projects, as each and every job we complete adds to the eradication of this dangerous, outdated mineral from Kiwi homes. It’s great to see the response we get from families and individuals when we remove large amounts of asbestos from a home, and the peace of mind that it achieves.

If your home or residential project needs asbestos removal, get in touch today for a free quote on 0800 110 182

Recognising non-friable asbestos

Typically, non-friable asbestos is difficult to crumble. The fibres are usually held together by a bonding agent such as resin, or cement. Non-friable asbestos is very common in outside cladding on older houses, and it’s generally known to be safe if it sits undisturbed. However, it’s still very easy to damage, and any damage is likely to cause the release of asbestos fibres into the air.

If there is any doubt about it being non-friable, it should be treated as friable. It’s not worth the risk. so, call us today on 0800 110 182

Recognising friable asbestos

Friable asbestos is asbestos that can easily be crumbled or broken – releasing dangerous asbestos fibres with as little as a gust of wind. This commonly happens if asbestos products have been worn down, weathered, or the non-friable bonding agent has deteriorated.

If you believe that your residential home may have friable asbestos, call Advanced Environmental Services straight away. We will extract a sample and have it analysed at an independent laboratory to confirm its presence.