Commercial Asbestos Testing

In New Zealand, commercial asbestos testing is mandatory. Businesses and property owners must identify and manage asbestos in their workplaces or
commercial properties. If you have a commercial property, asbestos testing is needed to ensure the safety of occupants and workers.

At AES, we conduct asbestos testing for commercial properties. Our team are certified professionals who can perform thorough inspections and are skilled
at collecting materials suspected to contain asbestos. Schedule an inspection today with AES.

How Asbestos Testing Works

AES are expert asbestos surveyors. We have the training, qualifications, knowledge, and experience to conduct asbestos surveys. We are knowledgeable in sampling and identifying asbestos, knowing the tasks and risks involved. We also demonstrate independence and use a quality management system.

Asbestos Survey
AES surveyors will thoroughly inspect the premises to identify any materials suspected to contain asbestos. The survey includes visual assessments, sampling, and materials analysis, following specific methodologies outlined in the guidelines provided by WorkSafe New Zealand.

Sampling and Analysis
We send collected samples of suspected asbestos-containing materials to accredited laboratories for analysis. This process helps determine whether there is a presence and concentration of asbestos fibres in the samples.

Survey Report
When the results from the analysis are ready, the AES surveyor prepares a comprehensive report detailing the findings. It may include information, such as the condition of asbestos-containing materials, risk management recommendations, and necessary control measures.

Risk Assessment and Management
Based on the findings, property owners must develop control measures and management strategies to minimise the risk of asbestos exposure to workers and occupants.

Ongoing Monitoring and Management
Your property may require regular inspections and monitoring to ensure the ongoing management of asbestos-containing materials. This typically includes conducting periodic re-surveys to track changes in the condition of ACMs and updating asbestos management plans as necessary.

Ensure Worker Safety and Compliance

As commercial property owners, it is your duty to ensure everyone’s safety within your premises. Addressing asbestos in your commercial properties demonstrates compliance and commitment to the safety and wellbeing of your employees and visitors.

Safeguard Your Commercial Property with AES

There is no safe level of asbestos exposure, as any exposure can lead to several health issues. It is crucial to act responsibly and prioritise asbestos testing and management. Don’t delay. Protect your property and its occupants, and gain peace of mind today. Schedule commercial asbestos testing and secure a safer environment for all.